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baekyeol in exo’s showtime ep 5-6!♥ ▷


All right, here is another post from our “Baekyeol in Exo’s Showtime” series. We’ve promised you guys, haven’t we? We’re sorry for the delay, but it’s finally here! Are you excited yet? Because we sure are!

It’s our favorite “trip time” two parter. Prepare for a lot of color red. This is going to…

Light & Fire

because byun baekhyun is still a child and he needs his chanyeol to spoil take care of him

exo's showcase ▷


I’ve noticed something interesting about Baekhyun’s and Tao’s answers from today’s Q&A:

Question: where do you want to take your girlfriend?

Baekhyun: to my grandmother’s place in Gangwondo Yanggu to eat sweet potatoes together

and I remembered this:



"I’d be an idiot to laugh when I have a hard time…"

"It won’t be like that, dereshishishi!"

Strawhats + Fishman Island Invasion Attacks

at one point in the showcase, chanyeol volunteered to sing a section of a song and just before starting he hesitated, and baekhyun quickly sang a few words of the song to pitch it for him and then chanyeol proceeded to sing. if you dont think thats the sweetest thing ever then i don’t know what to tell you.  x audio ver x vid x




i wonder how many times yeol will have a heart attack from worry for baek when they do the opening move of overdose 


look at jongin, he’s so calm and then there’s yeol holding him tight and moving so much

will he survive this whole era

Chanyeol being worried about Baekhyun is always adorable c:


adapted from the comic (x) based on the poem “but you didn’t.”